1. Entrance fee must be paid on arrival to the club, in full. Not after getting changed.

  2. Management reserve the right to refuse entry at any time.

  3. Management reserve the right to ask you to leave the premises at any time.

  4. Drugs will not be tolerated. Anyone found in possession of, or taking, illegal narcotic substances will be removed and banned from the club. The police will also be informed.

  5. Please respect our staff, the venues staff, and your fellow customers at all times.

  6. "NO" means "NO". Please respect this, or you will be asked to leave.

  7. We will not tolerate watersports (piss play) at any time.

  8. We do not allow members to have sex in the toilets. These are facilities available for general use. If you find someone playing in the toilet, please report it to a member of staff.

  9. All injuries must be reported to a member of staff immediately, no matter how small the injury.

  10. All Loyalty cards and Membership cards are the property of KlubSpankz. We reserve the right to revoke membership at time.

  11. We do not allow photography, other than that taken by the KlubSpankz team, at any time. This includes photos and videos taken on mobile devices. Anyone found breaking this rule will be asked to delete the pictures / video, and will be removed from the club. If you are unwilling to comply, the police will be called.